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Until few years ago I am not sure if anyone imagined launching a website would be a 15 minutes job, Amazon Web services made this possible today.

I just tried to see how long it takes to setup a basic brand new website from scratch.

  1. As a first step I bought a domain from AWS Route 53 – this cost me $9. This will vary depends on the domain you looking to buy. I decided to buy a domain which contains two trending words in the IT industry  –  “DIGITAL” and “DEVOPS”.  Hurray…. registered!!
  2. While I was waiting to receive the domain registration email from AWS, I stated launching a micro AMI Linux instance and installed Nginx, MySQL, PHP and PHP-fpm. I had to do few config tweaks for Nginx and PHP-fpm to work.
  3. Rather than creating dummy pages, I thought of using WordPress framework which was very easy to setup. Download latest wordpress release candidate, extract it under the web root folder. Creating an empty database for wordpress and adding database settings also required.
  4. Back to domain registration process, received an email from AWS within 5-10 minutes to confirm the registration process. Once registration confirmed I was able to create A record for the domain pointing to the machine which I created in step-2.dmn
  5. Accessing the site  – test pagehomepage